Title: Dorsal meningioma

Date: 27th January 2020

Speciality: Neurosurgery

Location: Apollo Hospital, Lucknow

About the Patient and condition

Patient Rani Awasthi, 35 years old female was diagnosed with meningioma which are shown in a very a very few people.

Case Scenario

Patient presented with gradually progressive sensory-motor paraparesis right >>left with bladder bowel involvement +. MRI Spine showed ~2.5 cms globular intramural extra-medullary SOL D11 level towards right side s/o D11 meningioma severely compressing spinal cord.

Patient was taken for MISS (Minimally invasive spine surgery) and gross total excision of tumor Simpson grade 0 was done with dural closure done with liga-clips. Small incision of about 2 cms was used.

Postoperatively patient showed good recovery with no neurological deficits.

Worldwide Scenario

Meningioma is a rare condition which is primary a tumor which starts to compress spinal cord. It is benign but if it is not treated within a certain period of time it may become malignant and cancerous. This condition required skilled hands for spinal surgery and because of the rare nature, not all surgeons can perform.

Expertise at Apollo Hospitals

Apollomedics Hospitals Lucknow has the latest and state of the art MISS (Minimally invasive spine surgery) expertise with highly skilled team of Neurosurgeons and availability of MISS equipments round the clock. Highly trained anaesthetist team and best Postop care services available to provide better results and fast recovery to the patients.

Apollo Hospitals - Touching Lives

The staffs of Apollomedics hospitals are highly trained and with state of the art equipements and experienced neurosurgeons, we are ready to perform surgeries under microscopic level and can handle even severe cases. In emergency cases the neurosurgeon is immediately informed by our team, as soon as an emergency occurs. The ability of recognize the case and to take prompt action has always played a vital role in saving lives.

Patient's testimonial

Patient extended heartfelt thanks to doctor, nurses and the entire staff of Apollo Hospitals. The patient is now healthy and leading a normal life.