He’s so sensitive for a guy
U cry during movies?
Man up!
Ladke rote nahi
such a mama’s boy
U throw like a girl

These are commonly heard phrases regarding the male gender in our society which do more harm than good.

Since childhood boys are taught to be different by being strong, not showing their emotions, and probably keep their pain to themselves.

Internalized messages about pushing through pain and refusing to acknowledge when we are not ok often lead to common mental health problems like depression and anxiety and several other conditions in the long run.

  • 3 outta 4 suffering from depression are females
  • While ¾ committing suicide are males
  • these figures don’t add up right?
  • What’s the missing factor here? TALKING!!

Men are from mars and women from venus. In face of problems women gossip around and relieve themselves while men go to their caves.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved.

Now, Social media can only go so far as far as sharing is concerned. We need some real “talking” to connect. Talking lets us see the solution for ourselves in a way thinking alone can’t. We get to realize we are not alone, that we often share the same problems.

One man in 5 will die before he is old enough to retire.

Or you could just talk about it.

Its your call!


We’ll discuss about the talk of the town- stress

  • Stress is good for you
  • Ignore stress and it will go away
  • Stress only affects the weak

These are common statements that we encounter on a day to day basis. Are they Myths or facts?

It is true that some amounts of stress are essential. Stress causes the release of adrenaline in our system which helps us for a “fight” or “flight” reaction

However too much stress can

  • Damage your immune system
  • Increase the chances of serious health problems
  • Decrease life expectancy

A fight reaction is essential as the adage “survival of the fittest” goes. We need a push sometimes to be able to face people and give a speech, to win a race or simply get our assignments finished in time.

Flight reactions are needed in times of grave danger where saving yourself requires escaping. But if you are a person who keeps changing jobs, partners or moving homes; it’s not the situation that needs change but your reaction to it.

Stress is usually caused by work, money, health, bereavement, endings (yes shifting to a new home can also be stressful despite the novelty) and also by things varying on a day to day basis like weather, partner discord, or the intake of drugs.

With the causes listed it is obvious that ignoring these things is not a solution. Piling up can lead to worsening of stress and not attending them can lead to other problems somewhere down the line.

The most damaging statement of all is that stress affects only the weak. Having stress is in fact an indication that u are normal. It takes courage to accept it and moreover to deal with it. One should never shy away from the fact that he or she is feeling low or stressed out.

Acceptance is a first step to stress remediation.

Stress might not always need medications to improve. With proper guidance in form of counselling and supportive psychotherapy u can be able to overcome it without any pills.

Also certain relaxation exercises when done with proper training help u ease out yourself and also cope with your underlying conditions. A calm mind can come up with better solutions.

Having said so much, I hope this talk will help u recognize your stress early and give you the courage to act on it. Don’t hesitate to take the first step.