Title: Aortic Valve Replacement Awake Surgery

Date: 18 Novemeber 2019

Speciality: CTVS

Location: Apollo Hospital, Lucknow

About the Patient and condition

28 yrs/ male from Gonda, UP, presented with sever breathlessness on excretion x 2 year. Not able to carry out any work occasional chest pain associated with dyspnea, Loss of appetite, losing weight.

Case Scenario

Patient was Diagnosis with Rheumatic heart diseases with sever Aortic Regurgitation (AR) with LV dysfunction 48% with known case of COPD. 2D-Echo was done which shows RHW with severe AR with mild MR with LVEF 48% (LV failure on going) & CXR shows Enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly)

Worldwide Scenario

The Awake Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery is the latest modality for valve replacement surgery in patients with pulmonary disorders used by the cardiac surgeons worldwide. This modality if surgery has better outcomes as well as if the patient goes into coma or any of his organ stops working can be identified during surgery only.

Expertise at Apollo Hospitals

Patient was admit on 24/09/2019 where an ECHO was done which shows RHW with severe AR with mild MR with LVEF 48% (LV failure on going) & CXR shows Enlarged heart (Cardiomegaly).

Surgery (Aortic Valve Replacement) was plan on 25/9/2019 & duration of surgery was 2hrs where patient was not put on ventilation & not intubated. In ICU, patient recovered well & hardly required any inotropic support, no blood transfusion required (Least Blood product) & patient was shifted from ICU to ward on 3 day of surgery. Patient was discharged on 30/9/2019.

Now, he is doing well, no breathlessness, planning to start their own business in village.

Apollo Hospitals - Touching Lives


It was a challenging case, yet with the support of the patient and expertise of the Cardiology team, Apollo Hospitals was successful in giving new life to the patient. Apollo Hospitals, Lucknow is a centre of excellence in Cardiology and provides 360-degree care in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, including diagnostics, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, and preventive cardiology.

Dr. Vijayant Devenraj, Senior Consultant, CTVS at Apollo Hospitals Lucknow said, "36 years ago, Apollo started with the vision of providing cutting edge treatment to the patients in India. This is another step towards that vision. I congratulate the whole team and wish them all the best in their pursuit of excellence."

Patient's testimonial

When we took abdul at Apollomedics, he was suffering from breathlessness and doctor told us for an Awake AVR surgery which was never done before in lucknow, so we were thinking but due to the trust in doctor and Apollo, we gave a green signal and now abdul is doing well and leading to a happy life. I would like to recommend this hospital to everyone.

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