How Crackers Affect Our Health?

This Diwali bring happiness home not diseases.

Diwali brings tremendous excitement and celebration spirit. Diwali is a festival of lights, from the past few years it becomes the festival of crackers and less of lights. Now days, Diwali celebrations are considered unexecuted without fire crackers which lights up the entire sky for few moments but can terribly affect our environment and our health.

Fire cracker increases the concentration of dust and pollutants in the air. After firing, the dust and pollutants packed with chemicals like Sulphur, zinc, copper and sodium is settling down in the exposed areas and these dust and pollutants start destructing our environment and easily put our health at risk.

How crackers affect environment

  • Air Pollution –The crackers contains many toxic gases and chemical compounds which activates after getting in touch with exposed air and start harming us. Example Nitrous oxide, which remains in air for long time if the area doesn’t get heavy rain or strong winds.
  • Global Warming – Bursting crackers increase heat, carbon dioxide and many toxic gases in atmosphere, which causes rise in temperature of earth and polluted air leading to global warming.
  • Noise Pollution – Loud cracker sound can affect human directly. Old age people can be suffered by heart attacks due to the chocking loud sounds.
  • Garbage – The residual of cracker after bursting is garbage which no one takes care of and it affects the environment.
  • Fire Accidents – In the cracker market, a small spark can pursue a huge damage to market, near residence and people available in that market, also if not handled properly; it may cause injuries (internal – respiratory and external – burn).
  • New born and pregnant women – persistent exposure to loud noises while pregnancy might trouble the baby (not proven yet).
  • Every human being – Inhaling fumes of crackers can increase the chances of asthma attack. Heart patients and chronic bronchitis patients come under a high risk of attacks too.
  • For Animals –They feel scared and look for a safest place, the noise of fire crackers make them unstable which leads to shivering, drooling, howling, psychosis or excessive barking.

How chemical used in crackers affect our health

Chemical can cause burn or respiratory attacks; this also contributes in many infectious diseases and inflammations. Pre-existing disease can be worsened and cause a new disease in surprise.

  • Copper –Irritates the respiratory tracts.
  • Cadmium – Reduce capacity of carrying oxygen in blood, which then leads to anemia
  • Zinc – Vomiting and fume fever
  • Lead – directly affect our nervous system
  • Magnesium – – fume fever by magnesium fume
  • Sodium – Highly reactive element in nature can cause burns or wounds when exposed in air.

Possible health risks that occur due to firing crackers

Let’s figure out the possible health risk due to firing crackers and direct exposure to them

  • The patients suffering from infections and allergies can face severe issues, as it may cause congestion of throat and chest.
  • Due to the smoke of firecrackers, the suspended particles in the air increases and everyone exposing to that air are prone to suffer from ear, eye, nose and throat related problems.
  • Air and Noise pollution caused by fire crackers can increase the impact of pre-existing problems and disorders of patient related to heart, respiratory and nervous system.
  • Radioactive and poisonous elements are used to spread the color in the sky when cracker burst, which can increase the risk of cancer.
  • It is advised to pregnant women to stay at home while the cracker firing is on peak to avoid the risk of miscarriage.
  • The increased level of chemical compounds in air can limit the growth of child and increase the toxic level of body.