Dr. Divya Kesarwani
Attending Consultant

Professional Qualification

  • M.B.B.S., Patna Medical College, Lucknow.
  • M.S. (Ophthalmology), JNMC, AMU, Aligarh

Professional Experience

  • 4 Years of Clinical Experience and Counting….
  • Formerly at SGPGIMS, Lucknow

Clinical Expertise

  • Cataract surgeries and managing complications (Phacoemulsification,ECCE,SICS)
  • Glaucomasurgeries (Trabeculectomy, Combinedsurgeries, Cyclocryopexy, Assisted in Glaucoma drainage device surgeries)
  • Laser procedures (Nd Yag capsulotomy,Nd Yag and Argon laser peripheral iridotomy, Argon laser suturolysis (post trabeculectomy), Pan retinal photocoagulation
  • Extraocular surgeries (DCR,DCT,Chalazion excision,Tarsorrhaphy, Entropion surgery, Enucleation, Evisceration)
  • Corneal surgeries (Penetrating keratoplasty, Pterygium (Autograft technique))
  • Posterior segment procedures (Intravitreal injections)

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