Mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement (MVR) are surgical procedures that may be performed to treat diseases of the mitral valve is the valve located between the left side of the heart and helps in regulating flow of blood in heart.

Mitral valve is may have various issues due to which it starts malfunctioning. One of the diseases is mitral valve prolapse in which the flap of mitral valve stops closing properly leading to backflow of blood in heart. At Apollo Hospital Lucknow we have the comprehensive care for mitral valve prolapse treatment in lucknow and have done many cases successfully.

Mitral valve stenosis is another condition where flaps of the valve become thick or they fuse together resulting in less flow of blood. At Apollo Hospital Lucknow we have the comprehensive care for mitral valve stenosis treatment in lucknow and have done many cases successfully.

However, your mitral valve may sooner or later need to be repaired or replaced. In some cases, doctors may recommend mitral valve repair in lucknow or mitral valve replacement in lucknow even if you're not experiencing symptoms. Research has found that performing surgery in a person with severe mitral valve regurgitation who isn't experiencing symptoms, rather than monitoring the condition, can improve long-term outcomes.

In case your heart needs surgery for some different condition in addition to mitral valve disease, the surgeon may perform surgery to treat both conditions at the same time.

Your heart surgeon will discuss about the most appropriate procedure for your heart condition whether it’s mitral valve repair or mitral valve replacement. Doctors may often suggest mitral valve repair. However, if mitral valve repair is not possible, the surgeon may need to go for the mitral valve replacement. Doctors may also analyse whether you're a good fit for minimally invasive heart surgery or open-heart surgery.

Generally, Mitral valve repair surgeries are performed at a good setup with experienced staff and that has experience in performing mitral valve repair surgery and that has worked high volumes of mitral valve repair surgeries.

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Risks during the procedure

  • Incisions in minimally invasive heart surgery and open-heart surgery
  • Minimally invasive heart
  • Robot-assisted heart surgery

You'll receive anaesthetics, and you'll be unconscious during the procedure. You'll be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine, which keeps blood moving through your body during the procedure.

Mitral valve surgery generally may be performed with open-heart surgery, which involves a cut (incision) in the chest.

In some cases, mitral valve repair surgery may be performed with minimally invasive heart surgery, in which surgeons perform the procedure through small incisions in the chest.

Minimally invasive heart surgery includes surgery performed using long instruments inserted through one or more small incisions in the chest (thoracoscopic surgery), surgery performed through a small incision in the chest, or surgery performed by a surgeon using robotic arms (robot-assisted heart surgery).

In robot-assisted heart surgery, a surgeon sits at a remote console, viewing the heart in a magnified high-definition 3-D view on a video monitor. The surgeon uses robotic arms to duplicate specific maneuvers used in open-heart surgeries. These procedures are available at Apollo hospital in lucknow.

Advantages of Minimally invasive heart surgery may involve a shorter stay in hospital, quicker recovery and very less pain than open-heart surgery. Minimally invasive heart surgery generally should be performed at well-equipped hospitals with a medical team experienced in performing these types of procedures.

Mitral valve repair

At Apollo Lucknow we have performed numerous cases of Mitral Valve repair successfully. Mitral valve repair surgery is performed either to key holes in the valve, removal of excess tissue from valve, separating the fused leafs of Mitral valve. Procedures like annuloplasty where the surgeon puts a ring in valve to retain the shape of valve and volvotomy where the surgeon inflates a balloon in the valve for restoring the original shape of valve can easily be performed at Apollo Lucknow.

Mitral valve replacement

Mitral valve replacement would entail a heart surgery for replacement of natural valve with an artificial one. Artificial valves van be of two types mechanical valve or tissue valve. Suitability of valves would depend on overall health condition of patient and doctor’s assessment.