Frequently Asked Questions (Cancer Care)


Where will I get chemotherapy in lucknow?

At Apollo hospital we have a separate chemotherapy ward.

What can I do to get ready for treatment and decrease the chance of side effects?

Nutritious food, regular exercise & plenty of water will keep you energetic & safe from most side effects.

Can I take my other medicines Vitamins and/or supplements while getting chemotherapy?

Yes, all regular medications like BP & sugar can be combined but tell your doctor before taking.

Will I need to change my activities? Exercises? Sexual activities?

No, you can continue as per your ability levels.

Will I also need surgery, radiation or both? What result can I expect?

Treatment plan can be made after determining stage of your cancer. In early stage mostly all three modalities are used depending on the stage. In stage IV most patients are given chemotherapy only.

If I have chemotherapy after surgery or radiation, will it kill any remaining cancer cells? Should chemo be used alone?

Yes, chemotherapy after surgery/ radiation is given to kill remaining cancer cells and to decrease chances of recurrence of cancer.

How much will chemotherapy cost? Will my health insurance cover it?

Most insurance companies cover chemotherapy expenses whether it is given in day care or after regular admission. Chemotherapy cost is determined according to cancer type/ stage & chemotherapy schedule.

If the insurance company asks for a second opinion or if I would like to get one can you suggest someone for me to see?

Yes, any cancer specialist may be asked for second opinion.

Is chemotherapy available in Apollo Hospital Lucknow, Uttar pradesh?

Yes, 24x7 chemotherapy is available.

Is there a medical oncologist for chemotherapy in lucknow, Uttar pradesh?

Yes, Dr. Harshvardhan Atreya (DM – Medical Oncologist)

What are the most common side effects of chemotherapy?

Most common side effects of chemotherapy are Anemia, fatigue, body ache, nausea, vomiting & decrease appetite.

Surgical Oncology

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, where can I get it operated?

Apollo hospital lucknow, Uttar Pradesh provides comprehensive cancer care including surgical oncology, medical oncology and radiation oncology.

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer, where can I get it operated?

Apollo hospital lucknow have highly experienced cancer surgeon and all supportive modalities of cancer treatment.

How many types of cancer can be treated at Apollo hospital Uttar Pradesh?

Cancer may occur in any organ or any body part like it can be head and neck cancer, mouth cancer (oral cancer), tongue cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, pancrease cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrium cervix cancer, colon cancer, rectum cancer any many more. Every type of cancer can be properly treated here at Apollo hospital lucknow with medical, surgical and radiation oncology.

I have uterus cancer; do I need to consult cancer surgeon or gynecologist?

Once it is confirmed that you have cancer, then only person can help you is surgical oncologist or cancer surgeon.

I am having some external growth in my tongue, what is it?

It can be cancerous growth as well; you should meet your oncologist soon as possible and get your biopsy done to confirm the nature of external growth.

What are the complications of cancer surgery?

Cancer surgery has same complications and risks as normal surgery.

I'm not sure with the surgery of cancer, can I take chemotherapy/ radiation therapy instead?

It depends on cancer (tumor) size and nature of cancer, if your oncologist advised you for surgery with valid reasons, you should follow your oncologist advice.

Who is the best cancer surgeon in Apollo hospital lucknow?

Dr. Kamlesh verma is the best cancer surgeon in lucknow having experience of more than 15 years and had worked with Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai.

Where can I go for biopsy with oncologist in lucknow? can it be done at Apollo hospital lucknow?

Yes, we have surgical oncologist Dr. Kamlesh Verma who is expert in this field.

How to prepare for onco-surgery?

Take nutritious food and food supplements to prepare your body for the surgery.

I need to have my face surgery, is there any plastic surgeon available?

Yes, we have a team of plastic surgeon and onco-surgeon for this type of reconstructive surgery.

Will I need other treatments after cancer surgery?

Both radiation therapy and medical oncology (Chemotherapy) along with nuclear medicine (PET scan and Gamma Camera are available at Apollomedics Hospitals.

Is there a helpline number?

Yes, we have dedicated cancer helpline number: +91-8429029849

Radiation Therapy

I have cancer, where can I get radiation therapy in lucknow, uttar Pradesh?

At Apollo hospital lucknow, we are providing 24x7 radiation therapy with the latest and best machines for radiation therapy in lucknow.

What is the latest machine for radiation therapy in Uttar Pradesh?

True Beam LINAC is the most advance machine for radiation therapy in Apollo hospital lucknow.

I have been suggested/advised radiation therapy. Why?

Radiation therapy aims to kill cancer cells in the area being treated. You should not feel any pain or heat during radiation therapy.

4. How is radiation therapy given?

1.) External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) which is given from outside on affected area.
2.) Internal Radiation Therapy (IRT) given from inside body e.g., Brachytherapy.

What is the cost of radiation therapy? Can I have it on OPD basis?

You can take radiation therapy on OPD basis so that the cost can be pocket friendly.

Can I have radiation if I am pregnant?

No, the radiation can harm your baby.

Is radiation covered by Insurance?

Yes, but it depends upon your insurance policy condition.

Does Apollo hospital lucknow have tie up with insurance companies?

Yes, all major TPA’s are covered.

What are the types of Radiation Therapy?

1.) 3D CRT
2.) 2D CRT
3.) IMRT
4.) IGRT
5.) Palliative Radiation

Who is the best radiation oncologist in lucknow Uttar Pradesh?

Radiation oncologist Dr. Mohd. Suhaib has very good hands on experience in radiation therapy and serving at Apollo hospital lucknow.

Do you have Tumor Board?

Yes, we have a team of Radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist, Medical oncologist and Nuclear medicine who decides the plan of action.

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