Brain cancer or brain tumors is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. brain tumors can grow and spread aggressively to distant parts of the body as well. Tumors are of two types malignant and benign. tumors that do not spread or invade nearby tissues are called benign. Benign tumors are less harmful as compared to malignant ones, but a benign tumor can cause problems in the brain by pressing on a nearby tissue.

Brain tumors that originate in brain cells are called primary brain tumors . The most common primary brain tumors are gliomas, menin-giomas, pituitary adenomas, vestibular schwannomas, and primitive neuroectodermal tumors (medulloblastomas). The term glioma includes glioblastomas, astrocytomas, oligodendrogliomas, and ependymomas. At Apollo Lucknow, we have best specialists for treatment of Brain Tumors & Brain Cancers.


Early Signs of Brain Tumour or Brain Cancer:

  • Headache
  • Seizures
  • Slurring of speech, difficulty in speaking
  • Imbalance or difficulty in walking
  • Difficult in seeing with Limited range of visualization.

Having any of these symptoms does not mean it is cancer, but if one or more of them is noticed for more than two weeks, then a doctor must be seen and an immediate health screening is a must.


Diagnosis of Brain cancer can be done by Physical examination, MRI , CT scan or PET CT SCAN for finding out the extent of spread, Biopsy through surgery or Stereotactic brain biopsy.

Treatment Options

Treatment of brain cancer is usually complex. At Apollo hospitals Lucknow, we offer a 360 degree approach to treat and cure diseases like Brain cancer. The treatment options available at Apollo Hospital Lucknow are

Surgery for Brain tumors or Brain Cancer

Many people with brain tumors undergo surgery or a minimally invasive brain surgery in which the tumor is removed with the assistance of image guidance, leaving the healthy brain relatively intact. Neuroendoscopy is another minimally-invasive surgical procedure where the tumor is removed through small holes in the skull, mouth or nose, enabling surgeons to access areas of the brain that cannot be reached with traditional surgery. Apollo Hospital Lucknow has best surgeons available who can perform minimally invasive and Neuro Endoscopic surgeries for Brain Tumor or brain cancer which results in minimum blood loss and quick recovery.


Chemotherapy treatments is also an effective modality of treatment available for Brain Cancer. Apollo LUCKNOW has got dedicated floor for chemotherapy which is under supervision of best and experienced oncologists making it one of the best centers for chemotherapy in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy delivers doses of radiation to tumor cells using technology designed to reduce damage to healthy tissue and organs. Apollo LUCKNOW has Tru Beam Linac which is one of the most advanced machines and is very effective in treating cancers.

  • SRS – Stereotactic Radio Surgery or SRS is one of the best modality for treatment of Brain Tumor surgery which can be done on day care basis and does not require any operation. It can easily be done through radiation on OPD basis.
    • Benefits
    • No admission.
    • No Cuts/Stitches
    • No Blood Loss.

Why Choose Apollomedics

Brain Cancer Treatment Apollo Lucknow has a multidisciplinary team of doctors (Oncosurgeons, Neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, Reconstructive surgeons, Radiation oncologists & Medical oncologists) who address all dimensions of treatment, for the best outcome.

Apollo hospital LUCKNOW has got one of the best team to perform minimally invasive surgeries for brain tumour. With advanced equipment’s, highly skilled teams of surgeons and dedicated ICU for complicated brain surgeries Apollo Lucknow has become one of the preferred choice for such complicated brain tumour or brain cancer surgeries.

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