Aortic valve happens to be one of the four valves which regulate the blood flow in heart. Aortic valve replacement or repairs are surgical interventions which correct the anomaly related with the valve. Aortic valve due to many reasons may stop working properly or may interfere with normal blood flow in heart.

A bad or damaged aortic valve can severely impact the flow of blood to heart and it leads to excessive strain on heart. Heart has to over work for managing regular supply of blood to body. this process leads to severe impact on the heart muscle and impacts overall health of heart. If it’s left untreated for long it may damage the heart permanently and can be a cause of death as well.

Aortic valve repair or aortic valve replacement can treat aortic valve disease and help restore normal blood flow, reduce symptoms, prolong life and help preserve the function of your heart muscle.

Different types of aortic valve disease

  • Aortic valve regurgitation: this is a disease or situation when the blood flow reverses in the heart because of either valve malfunction or leakage. the valve may malfunction due to various reasons few of the reasons can be bacterial infection, underdeveloped valve by birth and detoriation of valve over period of times due to unknown reasons.
  • Aortic valve stenosis: Aortic valve stenosis is a situation where the valve becomes narrow over a period of time .this impacts the function of heart severely and has long term impact on heart muscles as well.


Treatment through medication may not yield the desired results and may be only used as temporary measures. In most of the aortic valve cases surgery is the only option, Apollo lucknow is one of the best centres for Aortic valve Replacement in lucknow and Valve replacement repair in lucknow.

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